Gods of Arkhosia

The Dragon Gods
While the Dragon Gods are the only official gods worshipped on the islands – a number of lesser deities are revered, public worship of these gods is illegal but very few islands enforce these laws with zealousness.

Bahamut – The Platinum Dragon

Tiamat – The Dragon Queen

Other Deities of Arkhosia
Collectively these gods are known as the ‘old gods’ though some obscure texts instead refer to them as the ‘elder gods’.

Moradin the Creator
Worshipped by Dwarves, it is claimed that it was he who physically constructed the world by forging the elemental chaos which existed prior to creation into order.

The dwarves dark cousins the duergar, also known as Dark Dwarves or Chaos Dwarves worship Moradin’s brother Torog – a god of brutality, torture and dark places below the ground.

The Sea Kings also provide offerings and the occasional prayer to Torog as the dark places under the sea also come under this brutal gods purview.

Oberon and Titania
The fey worship Oberon and Titania – also known as the Everking and Everqueen.

Elves worship Elerial – a god/goddess of nature and the hunt.

Sometimes referred to as Calypso or the Lady of the Sea, she is revered predominately by the Sea Kings and all those who make their living from the bountiful oceans that surround the Draconic Isles.

Goddess of Halflings – known as the Provider and Protector

Gods of Arkhosia

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