Here is quick overview of the lifespans of the majority of inhabitants on Arkhosia – the numbers listed are purely an average – certain individuals may live for upwards of 50%+ of the given period.

It is important to note that outside of constructs, the undead and the gods no race on either Arkhosia or the Fey Lands are immortal.

Dragons – 1200 years

Dragonborn – 80 years

Humans – 40 years

Dwarves – 60 years

Eladrin/The Fey – 150 years

Elves – 60 years

Tieflings – 120 years
Tieflings unnatural lifespan is due to the pacts forged at the creation of Bael Turath and their departure from the human race.

Halflings – 50 years

Giants – 40 years

Monstrous Races – 20 years
Members of the monstrous races (orcs, goblins, ogres, trolls) reach maturity very quickly.


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